Tina Klonaris-Robinson is an intuitive artist, an author, and a speaker. Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, she became a self-taught painter as she continued to struggle to resolve her lingering grief and grow from the loss her daughter, Meah, several years earlier. Tina paints to quiet her mind, to express feelings for which she has no words, and to connect with the Divine. Painting has become her spiritual practice and a way to share her interior world with those around her. She is fascinated by the contrast of light and darkness, by negative space, and by color, shape, and movement. She loves exploring how these elements are all necessary for life and our journeys through it.

As a writer and speaker, Tina’s intent is always to touch people’s hearts and souls, so she may uplift them and change their ways of thinking and perceiving. In December 2016, Tina published Fly, My Love, Fly: Inspiration for Living Your Highest Potential, a book that features paintings and motivational messages. Her second, companion book, Inspiration: A Workbook for Living Your Highest Potential, is designed to help her readers tap into the gifts of their souls, reveal their purpose, and spark their creativity so that they may live with meaning and purpose. She peppers her speeches with powerful stories from her mission trips to Africa.

Tina currently lives in Nassau with her husband, Curtis, and their three boys, Matthew, Thomas, and Aidan. Her business, Good Energy Works, creates art, products, and events that feel good. Its mission is to uplift, heal, and inspire people to take positive action in their own lives and in the lives of others.